Pure. Real time.

Gain your users' trust with immediate testimonials

The proven way to increase engagement

If you had to
pick between an
empty restaurant or
one that has a line out
of the door,which
would you pick?

Do you think users are different than you?

Stop chasing misleading analytics

Get rid of Empty Restaurant Syndrome

Gain testimonials, social proof and the users' trust with realtime messages

Increase orders
Increase bookings
Increase signups
Increase pageviews

Realtime analytics, events tracking and multi-channel communication are tricky ,
but we get it

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From recent pageviews to latest signup, from bookings to orders, give to your users the right message on the right context at the right time

Encourage Actions

Validate your store to visitors. Create an exciting, live, trusted atmosphere. Infuse a sense of urgency for potential buyers.

Near Real Time

Display pageviews while they happen on your store, in near real time. Send notifications, special offers and more directly to the users.

Customize All

Customize the message, style and timing to suit your brand. Increase user engagement by getting relevant content to the right people at the right time.

A kind of Magic

No need to code. Add a little script on your web pages,and boom! it starts automatically . Use our dashboard for insights and advanced features. Bring your site to life!

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Your perfect Ecommerce companion

Push notifications are a direct channel to your users. Keep them happy and engaged with updates, promotions, special offers and more sent directly to their device. Create a sense of urgency for potential customers.

bulbs displays pageviews or orders or whatever you want while they happen on your store in near real time. It's like instant testimonials to convert potential buyers.

Don't get orders so often? No problem, you can disable the 'time ago' part of the notification.

Real time dashboard

The bulbs' dashboard allows any user, technical or not, to send notifications directly from the web interface. Creating new notifications is really easy and intuitive.

With the dashboard you can customize messages, style and timing to suit your branding.

Real time analytics shows what your users do while they do. This is a clear advantage in today’s fast-paced, increasingly competitive world.

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A complex problem, one simple solution

Push notifications are a tricky endeavour on any platform. bulbs simplifies the process and enables powerful targeting for website and apps. Send notifications via the web console, REST API, or client SDKs (coming soon).

bulbs is built for massive scale and is ready to handle notifications for your website, no matter the size.

Seamless integration

bulbs' technologies enables real time notification and user tracking on your website without code. All you have to do is to and place a little javascript into your website.

Do you have a single page app? Don't worry, we will track all your deep links.

Do you want more? Use our API (coming soon) to push events from your backend, use webhooks (coming soon) to get notifications.
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And more

Segment your audience and send targeted push notifications without writing a single line of code. You can target on any condition you can imagine (orders, tickets, it's up to you!) through our dashboard. Increase user engagement by getting relevant content to the right people at the right time.

Advanced scheduling
Schedule your notifications the moment you finish your campaign planning without having to remember to send each individual message. Or ten days since last login of a frequent buyer, etc.


€65 per month
  • 10k messages/day
  • 50 Max connections
  • Up to 5 custom events
  • Advanced scheduling
  • SSL Protection
  • "Powered by" tooltip and logo link
  • Basic customer support

Small Business

€540 per month
  • 100k messages/day
  • 500 Max connections
  • Up to 10 custom events
  • Advanced scheduling
  • SSL Protection
  • "Powered by" tooltip
  • Standard customer support


€4300 per month
  • 1 million messages/day
  • 5000 Max connections
  • Up to 20 custom events
  • Advanced scheduling
  • SSL Protection
  • White label
  • Premium customer support

Custom Plans

Need up to 10 billion messages a day, or maybe even more? Just get in touch, and we can discuss custom details as:

  • Larger plans
  • Custom Support
  • SLAs
  • and more...

Going over your limit

You can exceed your limits and optionally upgrade, so you don't need to worry about your users losing out on service. However, exceeding limits longer than 48 hours will be priced at:

  • 0,1 € every 1000 extra messages per day
  • 0,5 € for each extra connection per minute


We count messages as the daily average sum of the those we receive through our APIs plus those we deliver to your connected clients.

Max Connections

The number of users you are allowed to have connected simultaneously (every second).